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Upload speed reduces with time

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Upload speed reduces with time

We have very slow broadband (usually 2-3mb/s download 0.5 - 1mb/s upload.

If I try and upload a large file using a file transfer web site the upload speed starts at around 0.8MB/s and gradually reduces to 50KB/s (virtually stopped) over a 5-10 minute period. I've tried different file transfer web sites and the same thing happens. I basically can't use PlusNet broadband for uploading.

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Re: Upload speed reduces with time

50KBytes/sec = 500kbits/sec or 0.5Mbits/sec

The speed reduction may be the remote site trying to match the bandwidth to your upload speed.

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Re: Upload speed reduces with time


m=milli or thousandths

M=Mega or millions


B=Byte or 8 bits.

You may wish to clarify.

Alternatively, if we assume that your upload is normally 0.5-1Mb/s, which is reasonable for an ADSL connection, not mb/s, then that equates to 62.5-125kB/s. If you include overheads then 50kB/s is not an unreasonable upload speed for this connection.

The initial surge will probably be a buffer emptying that you are seeing.

Maybe you are expecting too much from an ADSL connection and it's not Plusnet on this occasion who are at fault?


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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Upload speed reduces with time

Thanks for your post @ruddleston

From what I can see we've inadvertently capped your upload at 448Kbps instead of the uncapped one.

I've placed an order to change this and it should go through on Monday.

Let us know if you haven't seen an increase by then

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