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Upload speed limited to a paltry 0.8Mbps

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Upload speed limited to a paltry 0.8Mbps

I live in a rural area but our cabinet has supposedly been upgraded recently. Still, I only get 3.3Mbps download speed on a good day. Is that really the best download speed Plusnet can give me? Upload speed is being limited to a TERRIBLE 0.8Mbps. Can the upload speed be uncapped? I'm in Buckinghamshire, not an island in the Outer Hebrides!

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Re: Upload speed limited to a paltry 0.8Mbps

When you joined were you not supplied with speed estimates?
Check in your "My Account" portal to see the profile you're currently on.
You could also check on BT Wholesale link below; PN are dependent on OPENREACH/BT's
infrastructure of course. Your speeds not that unusual for rural areas & are similar to mine.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Upload speed limited to a paltry 0.8Mbps

Hi @paulmmaguire ,


Thanks for getting in touch. I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing slow speeds.


I've checked your account and the estimated download speed for your line is 1-3mbps. I've tested your line today and the results show that the download and upload speed of your account are consistent with what you've reported, unfortunately this is dictated by the capabilities of your line so we wouldn't be able to increase this further. Sadly, fibre broadband is not available in your area at the moment so we're unable to consider that as an alternative.


However, as part of the checks I've undertaken I have noticed some performance errors on your line and have made some stability changes to try and reduce these. I would expect you to see an improvement in your connection within 24 hours.


Please let us know if you continue to see drops in connection over the next 7 days and we'll be happy to investigate further. You may also wish to explore our troubleshooting information here.


Kind Regards,



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 Dave G
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