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Upload Times Out

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Registered: ‎18-03-2008

Upload Times Out

Hi. My daughter failed to submit a University assignment today as the upload kept timing out. As it was a PDF document of only 3.1 Mb this seems extreme (to say the least). The Uni is threatening to dock 10 marks for late submission we are trying to find out what the reason is.
The Uni IT Help Desk is blaming our ISP speeds but the Speed Tester shows an upload speed of 0.4mbps which ought to be adequate (d/l is 6.1 mbps).
We tried a good half-dozen time between Noon and 3pm. Can you please see if there is a reason for this issue?
Hope you can help.
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Registered: ‎11-05-2010

Re: Upload Times Out

Hi Nick,
I've fully checked your connection and can't find any issues to indicate there's a problem, further more as you're able to upload to the document to google docs that suggests the issue is on the universities servers.
I've posted the test results on your support question you've raised to us if you need to refer back to them.
Hope you get it sorted!