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Upgrade Disaster (Continued)

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Upgrade Disaster (Continued)

I placed a order on the 28/08 to upgrade my fibre account to include transfer an existing phone connection from BT. On the 18/09 the line was switched. No broadband and the wrong telephone number. After hours trying to get through to customer service the promise to rectify the problem. One week later I get the original phone number reconnected. They did not bother to tell me, I found oat when my daughter called. Still no broadband. Can't Contact them by phone, waiting time at least 50 minutes. Manage to get through on the chat line, run through number of tests to no avail. They book a visit by and engineer for 01/10 morning. The engineer didn't turn up. Contact Plusnet via chat line. Apparently, the engineer cancelled the appointment without telling Plusnet. Re-book engineer for 03/10 and he arrives about 9 am. He tells me the there is a connection but it is not a fibre connection. Contact Plusnet by phone this time. After 30 minutes I talk to an engineer. He confirms wrong type of connection.and wonders why they could have not identified this earlier. He contacts another department to get the order corrected and send new modem. Take at least a week so it will be a total of at least 3 weeks without broadband. I had to purchase another sim card and tether my spare mobile to my laptop. Its costing me a fortune.

WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO PLUSNET?? They were a very good provider when I first joined them. This is not the same company so tell us WHAT HAS HAPPENED?

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Re: Upgrade Disaster (Continued)

I deduce from this confusing story and previous posts that you transferred your service from standard ADSL to fibre and transferred your phone to Plusnet at the same time? Then, (apart from Plusnet giving you a new phone number, which has since been rectified) Plusnet sent you a Hub Zero router rather than a Hub One? You now have a fibre connection but no compatible router?

If this is incorrect, and you don't have a fibre but an ADSL connection then either a Hub Zero or a Hub One should connect. What other options did the engineer claim you have?

If this is the case then hopefully a Plusnet staffer will pick this up and get the shipping of a router to you expedited without delay. These come out by first class post so shouldn't take a week.

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Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Upgrade Disaster (Continued)

Sorry to hear about the issues you've had.

From what I can see we placed you on standard broadband to get you up and running quicker and we were then going to put you on fibre.

I can see the notes on your account refer to a Netgear router that you're currently using.

Can you advise what make this is as most routers for fibre also works on standard broadband so you should at least be able to get online

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