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Update on faults

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Update on faults

Hi, my broadband has been down since Monday evening and I raised a fault using the text message (bot) service first thing on Tuesday. The reply said that there was a fault outside my property and they would aim to have an engineer investigate/resolve the issue within 3 days. I was not given a ticket reference and have yet to see any update after 2 working days (today is Thursday). Therefore can I please ask:


1. How does someone locate the fault and check the status?

2. Can one of the staff please check and come back with the status please?

3. Does the automatic compensation for loss of service kick in 48 hours after I raised the fault (Tuesday) or does the Tuesday not count as a full working day?


Many thanks,



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Re: Update on faults

@kl1101  Welcome to the forum.

1. Openreach investigate. Unfortunately they were on strike Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

2. I’m not staff so can’t comment.

3. if you reported on Tuesday then Wednesday is the first day, see

Have you logged in to your account to see if there’s a live ticket?

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Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Update on faults

Hi Kevin and sorry for us taking so long to respond back to this thread. I've just checked your account and can see the issue has been resolved now. Do please get back to us though if there's still an issue or if there's anything else we can help with. 

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