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Unstable connection over the last few days

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Unstable connection over the last few days



I've been having an issue with my ADSL broadband for around 2 or 3 days.  It happens mainly in the evening but the connection has constantly dropped/reconnected and it went from around 6 megabytes to 4 yesterday.  This evening it disappeared completely for around an hour and reconnected at 2 megabytes.

Now it's sitting at 4 megabytes, so the connection is all over the place.

SNR margin is currently 15.6.  Normally it's 6!

I've reported the issue as a fault via text, but the reply just wanted me to check the router and filter etc. because technically the phone line 'works' at the moment.  All of that has been checked and is fine.  I haven't got time to chat to an advisor at the moment, and I can't have my phone on me at work during the day.

So can someone look into this for me and see if there is a problem with the BT line?


Thanks for your help.



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Re: Unstable connection over the last few days

Thanks for your post @GarryB62

I'm really sorry to see you're having connection issues.

Our automated text service tests your line, so if it doesn't find an issue then it's likely a line test we run manually won't either. If you go through message back the steps which the bot asks by text, it should then put you into a queue for an adviser to call you back within half an hour, when we're open.

I've just tested your line now and the tests aren't showing any issues, but I can see the SNRM target has jumped up to 15dB and the SNRM is currently 17dB. I can also see your broadband's dropping rather heavily.

Just to confirm, have you tried plugging your router into the test socket as explained Here? This should rule out any issues with internal wiring, but if you're still having issues, I'd like to arrange an Openreach engineer visit with you to investigate further, so I've created a support ticket on your account you can view and respond to by going Here.

If you can reply there with when you'll be available for a visit and post back afterwards, I'll make sure we arrange the engineer as soon as we can. Smiley

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