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Unreliable Wifi / Router, or a wider network problem?

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Registered: ‎03-04-2020

Unreliable Wifi / Router, or a wider network problem?

I joined Plusnet from TalkTalk about 2 months ago. From the outset, we noticed that the new router appeared to be weaker than the old TalkTalk router - despite being plugged into the same lines, in the same location, as the old, we found that we experienced signal blackspots in various parts of our (very modest: 57sqm) flat that had never been a problem with the TalkTalk router. However, overall network speed in locations with high wifi signal remained comparable to our previous TalkTalk service.

Over the last week, the situation has deteriorated from irritating to inoperable. Our wifi router appears incapable of supporting more than one device connection without disconnecting and is incapable of maintaining even the modest data stream of a single internet radio located within 1m of the router without repeated interruption. 

We have tried all of the usual fixes - disconnecting devices, changing wifi channel (several times), swapping the filter and cables, and spent hours moving the router around the house to test new locations, dragging extension leads and phone cables in our wake. None have prevented what a  continuing decline in service level throughout the course of this week, to the point where the only way that I can contine to function is to buy additional data for use via a mobile hotspot.

At this point, can we assume that we are dealing with a wider network issue coupled with a weak router? Please advise how this situation may be improved, or what measures Plusnet can offer in respect of service charge reductions or reimbursement for out-of-pocket costs of mobile data bundles necessarily purchased to tide us over.

Thank you