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Unhappy Plus.Net Customer - Where is the realistic Fibre Speed ?

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Unhappy Plus.Net Customer - Where is the realistic Fibre Speed ?

I am writing this to gauge opinion on what a realistic speed should be for fibre optic broadband.

I was told by Plus.Net that I should receive 32Mbps, I had fibre installed 3 weeks ago and have been running speed tests since then, the average speed of all the readings was 14Mbps which is less than 50% of what Plus.Net told me I should receive.

After waiting 2 weeks just to let the line settle down etc, I raised a fault and asked for it to be reviewed, Plus.Net then carried out some tests and then informed me that a BT engineer would come and visit it to carry out some further tests. The BT engineer came yesterday and after plugging in his hand held tester into my phone line, he showed me that indeed my line is capable of receiving 32Mbps.

Now I am wondering what is going wrong that I am not receiving anywhere near the 32Mbps that I was told I would. I signed up for the fibre expecting to get the stated speed and now I am left with a connection which on average gives me 14Mbps, which has left me very irate to say the least.

Here is the response from Plus.Net customer service today, which leaves me pondering are they prepared to look anymore into it ?

"Sorry for any delays and inconveniences that this fault may of caused and thank you for getting back to us. During investigation into your problem we have not found any issues with your service as during the Engineer visit we didn't find a fault with your service as your downstream is 29.9 Mbps on a profile of 32.4M which means your above the fault threshold rate of 15 mbps even so your areas average is 40 mbps. This means you are getting the best you can for your line. If we can be of any further help please reply back to this ticket."

What other factors can affect my line speed, is this something internal that Plus.Net is doing on my line to limit my speed? Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated

Please see here for my speed tests that I have been running lately.
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Re: Unhappy Plus.Net Customer - Where is the realistic Fibre Speed ?

Are you running the speed tests wired or wireless? Which operating system are you using on your PC?
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Re: Unhappy Plus.Net Customer - Where is the realistic Fibre Speed ?

Hi kineticmix,
If you can run a BT speed test directly from your modem we can establish if it's a problem with your router. That's assuming you've run the speed test using ethernet rather than wireless. If you have, just let me know what operating system you're using and I'll show you how to do it.
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