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Unable to Get Connected - Major Plusnet Fail

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Unable to Get Connected - Major Plusnet Fail

Hi All,

This is the third time I have tried to get connected with Plusnet with a house move (once initially and two moves) and every-time the line fails repeatedly, (minimum 10 working days to reorder it again) no one contacts me until I call through and managers inevitably do not contact me back when they say they will.


It normally takes over 10 phone calls (around an hour each) managers never come to the phone and you have to wait for them to call back. They promise action and don't do it.


I have in writing that I would receive a call from a manager on Monday the 9/10 and Tuesday night still no call. When I called through I was told I could not speak to another manager and that the line had failed for the third time and no one had re-ordered it or notified me. So another 10 days minimum, (when you point this out to them and ask what they will do if it fails again they go to pains to ignore it)


I requested in writing twice for the details of the ADR scheme Plusnet is part of and they ignored it.


As I mentioned before this is the third time it is happened when they attempt to connect a line and they refuse to escalate past the call center managers (despite my requests). 


I also requested information back from them on how they can take money from when the service was ordered but claim the contract only goes live once you are connected. (Means no matter how many times it fails, they say they will charge you for the cancellation of the policy of the house you moved from, also you inevitably go out of your 14 day cancellation period and have an overlap with your tenancy agreement) I was told a letter was coming from their legal department explaining that first class post on Friday, it never arrived.

I asked why I have to wait 10 working days each time it is reordered if they already notified their provider (ie: why can't you just call and sort out the problem) and was told it was OFCOM rules, when I asked specifically what rules, I was told to look for it myself ONLINE. I have to Hotspot off my phone in the garden to get any signal...


Basically Plusnet repeatedly fail in getting me connected, fail to even call when they say they will and do not notify of line ordering failures and provide no means for having a complaint escalated. Tomorrow will be 14 days from when I first notified them of my complaint. I'm not expecting much.


Cheers All.



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Re: Unable to Get Connected - Major Plusnet Fail

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