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UMA on orange via netgear with plusnet

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UMA on orange via netgear with plusnet

My employer provides me with a blackberry 8520. It works really well on the orange network but when I'm at home I get no signal at all. This is quite good most of the time as I don't want my work mobile and emails arriving when I'm not at work but occasionally I am at home during working hours or there is something really urgent to deal with. This UMA thing seemed to be the answer - allowing voice and data from orange to arrive on the blackberry via my broadband.
The problem is the connection is so unreliable - it holds for anything between a matter of minutes to days. Once dropped you can see it is "connected" but the connection is refused. Orange say all is well from there end. For calls it is unusable as the connection is unreliable. The only way to re-establish the connection is to restart the router.
The router is a DG834Gv5 by Netgear. The security is WPA-PSK
I've tried giving the blackberry a dedicated IP so there is no conflict.
I have lots of other wireless devices and they all work flawlessly.
Any idea on getting the darn thing to work properly
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Re: UMA on orange via netgear with plusnet

I banged my head on this for ages and eventually gave up, I think because it was not available on Orange's 'standalone' blackberry service unless you had Orange as an ISP. The two threads below proved to be the most useful at the time, and should still apply for the most part, although they are principally aimed at the 8900: