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Transition from one provider to Plusnet

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Registered: ‎17-03-2021

Transition from one provider to Plusnet

Wanted to share my experience of transition from my provider to Plusnet.

As of the other thread ( with partial information, I wanted to put the timing here for people who work from home, what to expect.


Events on D-day (disconnection day 😀)

15:33  Disconnected
17:30  Received email saying Home Phone ready to use (tried broadband still not ready)
22:30  Received email saying Broadband is ready to use (stop waiting, tried in the morning, everything works!)


Couple of notes to highlight:

The SMS from Plusnet you get a couple of days after you signup said to go live on17th March, anytime on this date before midnight. This seems to mean "before 17th March", so expect disconnection on the day before, ie16th March.

And when Plusnet said do not plug in the router until they confirmed that the broadband is ready to go. That broadband confirmation comes in email, not SMS. So, prepare to have other means to check your email.