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Tracking broadband usage

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Tracking broadband usage

Hi there,
As a light browser, my broadband usage for the past 3 months has been around 800-900MB, but this month I have already reached 1.6GB - with still 12 days to the end of my month!
Today, for example, I used a total of 180MB - yet have only checked emails (downloaded 3 without attachments), browsed a few websites (nothing with video etc) and run a virus scan. And there haven't been any Windows updates since the 9th.
Can anyone tell me if there's a way of tracking which programmes are accessing the internet and how much they are using? I'm just concerned that (despite having up-to-date anti-virus/malware) there may be something using my bandwidth that I don't know about!
Also just to note that I've checked and no other devices are logged onto my wifi (and yes, I have changed the WPA codes from the default!)
Any help / reassurance much appreciated,
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Re: Tracking broadband usage

For tracking total usage I've recently switched to
If you have multiple PCs it will give you the total and it's intelligent enough to ignore the local network traffic which is a failing of other utilities.
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