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Tired of connection dropping, issues since moving in Feb 17

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Tired of connection dropping, issues since moving in Feb 17

To start with the online chat is unavailable and I just don't have the time to call and wait for quite some time-only based on previous experiences. I moved earlier this year and had Plusnet at my old address, now when I moved to here I asked for my contract to be transferred over but this was supposedly not possible and the previous contract was closed and I had to start a completely new one ensuring yet  another 12 months + of hell. This is bad practice Imho.

I have spoken to staff umpteen times regards my connection dropping, they usually say that there was an error and they shall change the set up for me and should work ok tomorrow, the connection appears to be ok for a short while and we are back to dropping on and off all over the place, I would like to know what I am being charged for. I am absolutely aside myself for the amount if times my connection drops, without prejudice I never had any issues whatsoever with BT beforehand.

I am now thinking about just giving up my internet as a bad idea, I have been here 6 months and have just about had enough of feeling duped into a new 12 month contract for a shoddy connection. I just do not understand why I seem to be getting these problems all the time.


At the moment as I write, I have four stable lights, but then the internet light shall start flashing like morse code and eventually it shall drop, I replaced my filters and have done all the necessary to my equipment to make sure the problem is not inside.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Tired of connection dropping, issues since moving in Feb 17



Sorry to see this has been an issue for a while, allow me to help.


Can you try following the checks here next please?


Let me know how you get on so that I can follow things up with you.

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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team