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Three Signal Box not working

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Three Signal Box not working

I have the same problem and thought it may be the firewall and turned it off but plusnet would not work so eventually it fired back up having turned the firewall back on by itself, are you saying that I can change other settings to make home signal work ? 

Moderator's note by Dick (Strat) Post split from a 2 year old thread to it's own topic so it doesn't get lost.

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Re: Three Signal Box not working

Can you find a link on the Three website to the "User Guide" pdf for the model of "Signal Box" you have ?


If you could post that link into this topic, then we could have a read of how the box is supposed to be configured, and therefore might spot anything in the process which could be causing a problem.


This is unlikely to be a Plusnet service issue, but might be a router configuration problem - hence the need to know what the requirements of the "Signal Box" are.


Can you also state the exact model of your internet router, as settings are done differently.


Did you get the "Signal Box" new from Three, or is it second hand ?.