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Thought it was sorted :(

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Thought it was sorted :(

Had my broadband and phoneline repaired a few days ago, well the engineer said he couldn't find the fault so just re-connected everything which he says fixed the issue, he was right, it was sorted for 3 or 4 days. I am now back to the connection dropping and a noisy phoneline again. Seen BT at another house in my street, and my sister who lives next door is also having issues with her internet connection. That would tell me that the fault is outside, maybe the cable that runs from the telegraph to our houses, which I know he didn't check. God knows how old the cables are, but living here for a good few years I have never seen them replaced.

End Of Whine.


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Re: Thought it was sorted :(

Sorry to hear you're having issues still.

Line tests aren't showing any causes for that now, so I'd recommend running through the steps in the troubleshooting guide Here to rule out any internal wiring affecting your connection.

If you continue to experience problems could you reply to your fault ticket with your availability for an engineer to visit?

If you nudge us over here once you've updated the ticket we'll be happy to pick it up.

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