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Thomson TG585 v8 icloud connection problem

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Thomson TG585 v8 icloud connection problem

I have the above router, have had it for just over a year.  Recently I got an iphone 4s but cannot connect to icloud with it.  I can connect to icloud on another router (not in my home).  I have phoned customer support and they say they can't help me because I can connect to the wifi and therefore the router in their eyes is not faulty.  I have done a broadband speed test: download speed 4.002 upload speed 0.180 on ; I have checked the settings on icloud, and have taken my phone to apple who say it is working as it should.  Their opinion is that there must be some sort of restriction on upload on the router. 
Can anyone help me?  Is it because the upload speed is so slow that is causing this?  Any suggestions gratefully received!
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Re: Thomson TG585 v8 icloud connection problem

Probably the same wifi upload issue as this thread:,107650.0.html