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Thompson reliability

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Thompson reliability

I received a new Thomson 585 version 8 router a few months ago.
Up to it's demise last week it has performed better than several privately bought Linksys and Netgear routers.
Last week my sync speed halved overnight and eventually the router packed up altogether for a while with no ethernet contact possible to the router and the power LED kept flashing red. It also went to it's default settings without any intervention.
Plusnet are sending me a replacement but it got me thinking about the poor reliability of these devices.
As a retired electronics engineer I know all about the cheese paring that goes on when manufacturers are putting these things together.
A tiny fraction of a penny saved on a single component adds up when hundreds of thousands of units are involved. Back in the days of industrial electronics with discrete components I used to make sure that any failed component was replaced with a higher rated equivalent.
I suppose the only thing to do is to save up and buy a router made for the professional market but they always seem to come with features that are surplus to my requirements.
It's a pity that no one seems to make a simple high quality modem-router.
Or do they ? Any ideas /
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Re: Thompson reliability

Split off to it's own thread as it was unrelated to the original topic