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Thinking of taking the plunge into the 21st century! A few questions...

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Thinking of taking the plunge into the 21st century! A few questions...

I'm currently on ye olde BBYW 3 at £19.99 per month, and reasonably happy with it all. However, with new deals on the horizon (Thursday?) I think it's time I took the plunge and catch up with current technology and go for ADSL2+.
I'm 400m away from my exchange (direct) and line checking says I should expect up to 14 Mb download speeds. I'm also in a Market 3 area, so if I sign up to the new 'Extra' I should save around £7 per month.
So the theory goes, I'll get faster speeds for less money - excellent (famous last words!).

  • What are the upload speeds on ADSL2+? I've read conflicting figures of 1 Mb and 448 kbs.

  • I'll get a PlusNet router as my current model doesn't support ADSL2 (Linksys WAG54GS). Are these generally okay? Will it come with the latest firmware as I won't be able to upgrade it myself as I don't have access to a Windows PC?

  • These forums are obviously full of tales of woe (nature of the beast), but realistically does ADSL2+ generally work pretty well?

  • I assume I still keep my legacy webspace, fixed IP etc.?

In anticipation I've moved my router from the office and plugged it in to the master socket. So assuming PlusNet don't do anything silly with the new packages (eg. excessive throttling, 18 month contract, etc) I'm good to go...unless I'm missing something crucial.
Many thanks for any help or advice you can provide.
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Re: Thinking of taking the plunge into the 21st century! A few questions...

Hi Tony,
By default we cap the upload to 448kbps but you can have this lifted to 1Mbps on request. The router won't come installed with the latest firmware until May time but there's not a great deal of difference between the builds anyway. I like to think that ADSL2+ is working pretty well nowadays. You'll keep your webspace and static IP etc.
Hope that helps.

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Product Team
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