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The broadband fault reporter

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The broadband fault reporter

Hi everyone, due to having some problems with my broadband line (drop outs due to temperature changes in the evening, we think) I have had the ‘pleasure’ of going through the broadband fault reporting system.
So a few comments for the support team;
There is no provision in the checker to report an ‘Intermittent fault’
During the questions you are asked to plug in to your master socket to test, yes there is a response for ‘no master socket’, but no response for ‘ADSL filtered master socket’ (which I have).
This leads nicely on to the next question, have you tried a new filter? Well no I can’t as I don’t need one, so you get warned it will cost you if you don’t try one, well other than getting BT to come and replace it there is no way I can do that  Wink.
Also the details of your Router make could do with a 2nd choice box so you don’t have to put both names in one box if you have tried a second router to test your line.
Otherwise it was simple but some questions were somewhat ambiguous when you gave your best reply.
It might also be useful to have a question about interleaving (not everyone will know so make it optional) and if it is on or off. I ask this because mine is on and always has been but the support team have asked BT to turn it on, yet both my routers report it already on.
That’s about it, thanks to support for their help so far (problem did not occur last night, typical just as I report it).
Regards P.
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Re: The broadband fault reporter

One point - re filtered faceplate
They can go wrong - I have a nasty feeling that my ADSLNation has developed a fault
Not sure as I changed it to a BT filtered faceplate and changed router - problem went away. I was getting low upstream sync events - down to 96kbps when the phone rang