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The Continuing Saga of the BT Engineer Part 2...

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The Continuing Saga of the BT Engineer Part 2...

This is just getting better and better. My fibre optic speed is currently right down at a nailbiting 2.5/3 mbps from my usual 22+ and has been since early July. The first time a BT engineer had been booked to check my line he never turned up, deciding instead to appear unannounced early the next morning whilst I was getting ready for work. I voiced my unhappiness here and, right away, received a phone call with apologies and to book another engineer visit. I'd booked August 19th as it was my next Tuesday off.
However, a couple days later it turned out that I had to be in Plymouth for that Tuesday and so I phoned PN up on the 14th to let them know of the change of circumstance, to cancel the 19th appointment and reschedule for the 26th. This was done and I received a text a couple days later confirming the 26th as well as the following messages on my support ticket:
echat required 14/08/2014 - rebook 26th 0800-1300
Confirmed date 26/08/2014 02:00:00
Confirmed time AM
Provisional appointment ref 1F6DC79FR
Dear ---,
I have scheduled an engineer to visit your property
Appointment : 26/08/2014 0800-1300
ref : 3-99349591797

So, imagine my surprise as I was leaving yesterday at 9am to catch the train for Plymouth only to find the BT engineer standing there for his appointment. All I could do was apologise and say that the appointment was actually for the week after and that I was about to leave. I felt so sorry for him as it wasn't his fault and that he said he had had to travel a long way to get to me!
This is just getting stupid now. I'm getting charged full price for a service that's nowhere near what's been promised to me.
There's a clause in the PN T+C (Plusnet Broadband Family service terms / Cancellation / 6) that says if the speed promised is nowhere near what you're actually getting, then you can leave the contract without an early leaving fee. I know it states only within the first 90 days but this has speed problem has been an on-going problem that PN are still dragging their heels trying to fix. I've been trying to sort this BT engineer problem out now for a month.
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Re: The Continuing Saga of the BT Engineer Part 2...

Hi MykeUK,
I'm sorry to hear that you're seeing continued problems with the speed of the service and I'm also sorry to hear that the engineer turned up on the date we changed to the 26th. I have checked in the ordering system and can see that we most definitely changed the appointment date for you so can only think that either there has been a problem in the suppliers ordering system on their side, or the engineer hasn't updated his work sheet to reflect the new appointment date so please accept our apologies on this one.
I completely understand that this speed issue has been ongoing for some time now and I can see where cancelling and moving to a new provider would be a big draw however if you're looking to move to another provider who uses the same technology, there would be a large risk of taking that fault with you and having to stay the faults process from scratch with them.
After checking through the details of the fault I can see that the fault has been pushed back to BT for them to attend the appointment on the 26/08/14 so this should still go ahead as intended and required. As soon as we have more information back from this visit, we should then be able to move forward and resolve the matter for you.
On a side note, I've just fed back the issue with the engineer turning up back to BT and hopefully they should be able to investigate this.