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Terribly slow speed and getting slower

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Terribly slow speed and getting slower

Since last night my connection speed has got slower and slower.
It's taken me an hour to get to this page to post this message and will probably take ages to actually post it to the forum.
It's not my equipment, I've done ALL the usual checks, changed the filter, reset the router and done everything else but the speed is still terribly slow.
Can't get on the service report page to see if there's a general problem on the net as the page just won't load.
Been hanging on the phone for the last 20 minutes and still waiting.
Can someone tell me if there's a major outage or something? Thanks.
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Re: Terribly slow speed and getting slower

Nothing current on service status.
You may want to check your exchange status here:
Have you tried rebooting your modem, preferably via router's software, not hard turn off via
modem switch Kiss