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Terrible customer service

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Terrible customer service

For the second time this week, I've waited in all morning for an engineer. Last time he arrived and said he couldn't solve the problem as the council had to cut down some tree branches to give him access. Two days later, I get an email to say that another engineer was being dispatched. I phoned up this morning to confirm he would be coming, because the branches were still there. I was assured it was all fine now, this engineer could cope with branches, and he was indeed on his way. Ten minutes before the end of the 8am-1pm slot, I get an email saying they'll have to rearrange. I've spent over two hours on hold trying to get through to customer services today. I'm going to cancel my contract, but I can't even get through to do that. 



Also, the email I got says "We will call you to arrange this, or you can call us on 0800 432 0200 or 0345 140 0200. Please choose the order updates option to speak to a member of our Support Team." There is no 'order updates' option on the phone menu! Just an endless merry-go round, none of which gets me through to a human without having to wait an hour. Dreadful!


If anyone from Plusnet is reading this - unlikely, I know - my username is nambyiahp. Call me. 

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Re: Terrible customer service

I hope you are aware that you have two weeks from the day you sign up for a Plusnet service, not the promised 'go live' day to cancel unless you're prepared to pay a hefty cancellation charge.

Whilst communication with Plusnet is extremely frustrating you need to be aware that it's Plusnet's 'suppliers' (other parts of the BT empire over whom Plusnet have no control and little influence) that are responsible for getting your line working. If you cancel and go elsewhere you will probably still need these same people to get you up and running.

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Re: Terrible customer service

Hi @pxnm I am really sorry to learn about the issues you have experienced with call times and the provision of your orders.


I can see that since this post you have been in touch with our provisioning team who have advised you that there was a miscommunication regarding the work the to be carried out by the second engineer.

I sincerely apologise that you were misinformed and for any inconvenience caused to you. As per the ticket here

we will continue to monitor your order for the next update.


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to get back in touch.


Kind regards,