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Terrible broadband (2)

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Terrible broadband (2)

Thank you for posting that.

You have given me the push I needed to quit Plusnet. 

Plusnet have been atrocious. 2 Engineer visits; both said everything was fine.

I joined on October 9th, They keep promising me that they will get it going. But the visits get cancelled on the morning of the visit. 

Now they have given me a date of December 13th for yet another visit. 

Nobody seems to know anything, its always a different department. 

Ages on the telephone and silly chat popup 

I am leaving 

My thanks to you gillianspie1, let us hope that this terrible company goes bust   

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Re: Terrible broadband (2)

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Re: Terrible broadband (2)


A warm welcome to the forums.  From the very brief description you've offered, it rather sounds as though you have a provisioning issue which BT Openreach have repeatedly failed to resolve.  If there is an issue with the phone line / internet connection to your home ... given that it will be associated with YOUR PHONE LINE ... the issue is highly likely to remain no matter which ISP you choose until BT Openreach fix the issue with their infrastructure.

I trust that you have a dial tone and a quiet line?

One of the staff members on here should be able to provide full details of what has been the problems with getting the service commissioned.  If its FTTC then you might be struggling with BT Openreach's engineer availability ... hence the cancellations and delayed installation ... which is more than likely to follow you as it is an issue in your geography with BTOR.

Edit: I should add that BTOR are notorious at keeping their customer (the ISP) informed when things go wrong.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Terrible broadband (2)

Hi there, I'm sorry to hear you've had delays in the set-up of your service.
Checking through the orders and our suppliers notes this since I've pieced together what went wrong.
As your probably aware the fault which prevented the initial order completing on 08/11/17 had an engineer out the following day to resolve the fault. We were advised to re-book the appointment in order to complete the order which I can see we did for 27/11/17 but unfortunately on our suppliers side they didn't acknowledge this appointment leaving the order to time out on 24/11/17. Unfortunately at this point we could only raise a new order giving you the appointment on 13/12/17.

I apologise for these delays on getting your service active and would like to offer you a goodwill gesture due to the fault on our suppliers side. Although I can't do so over the Community Forums I have raised a ticket on your account that can be accessed here

If you're happy with my goodwill gesture offer then by all means reply back to the raised ticket and then on here and I'll get that added for you.

I can understand if you're wanting to leave however and if so our cancellations team can be contacted directly on:
0800 013 2632 and they are open on between the following hours:

Monday - Friday: 08:00 - 20:00
Saturday: 09:00 - 19:00
Sunday: 09:00 - 18:00
Current call queue: 00:00

Kind regards,

 Ben Devine
 Plusnet Help Team