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Terrible Speeds & Terrible Customer Service

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Terrible Speeds & Terrible Customer Service

Signed up too Plus Net, have never been terribly impressed with speed but its gotten a whole lot worse recently. 

Cant use iPlayer as its too slow, Net Flix struggles too.

Its constantly dropping connection, and its just been a hideous experience from day One. I though SKY were bad but you guys are even worse.

Pitiful performance (as you can see below) and I was on hold for 45 minutes this evening even though it told me i would have to wait 30mins. I was promised faster speeds than this, im pretty sure parts of Africa have a better connection han I have here in Sheffield.


Can someone please contact me to resolve the issue, as I refuse to wait 45 minutes on the phone again.

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Re: Terrible Speeds & Terrible Customer Service

I feel the same regarding speeds. I'm left wondering wether to chance upgrading to fibre to see if it improves but its so costly. Android boxes are designed for 2mbps and cant perform at 0.95
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Re: Terrible Speeds & Terrible Customer Service

At time of sign up you should both have had an indication from PN of your estimated line speed; if it differs then use my links below.

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Re: Terrible Speeds & Terrible Customer Service

I was getting worse speeds than you then my internet went off completely nearly 2 weeks ago & they still haven't fixed it