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Technicolour TG582n

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Technicolour TG582n

I have a Technicolour TG582n Router from Plusnet on an Ethernet and Wifi service to 4 computers. One of them running windows 10 keeps dropping out from the internet. The error message says it cannot contact the DNS server. I have tried many things on this computer to rest this but the only solution seems to be to switch off and back on  the TG582n router.

I notice that the Ethernet and Internet lights are continually flashing.


Does this mean I have a problem with this TG582n router?


I notice elsewhere that firmware updates for this router are no longer provided.

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Re: Technicolour TG582n

This somewhat sounds like the DNS spoofing issue. Check out the IP address being returned for a resource you find you cannot connect to.

Look at my original topic where we bottomed out the issue - post 100 is where we identified a mitigation

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