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Technicolor router and NAS

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Technicolor router and NAS

Hi - hoping someone might have some ideas on this one.
I have a fibre connection and Technicolor router, which has a 33mbps speed normally
I also have a Synology NAS on my network, connected by ethernet to the router.
For some reason though the speeds I'm getting from the NAS are rather slow.  Via SMB or NFS, transfer speeds are between 1-4mbps when in Wireless, when it should be a lot faster than that.  Even with ethernet, I barely get 10mbps.
The NAS should be doing much faster than that, and I can't find any fault in it.  But nor can I in the router. 
Wondering if anyone has any ideas of things to try.  Would be much appreciated.
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Re: Technicolor router and NAS

Is the nas a gigabit device? If so you would be better off connecting it via a gig switch.
As to wifi speed there has been loads of comments on the poor wifi on these routers.