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Taking complaints furtuer

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Taking complaints furtuer

I've been engaged in a real pain of a problem with OpenReach for some time now. There is a known noise issue on the line between my small village and the telephone exchange in the next village. It started when they installed FTTC in Sept last year.

Long story short, noise appears on the line which can be heard on telephone calls, and the broadband drops. (understandable, because the noise would kill any chance of synching)

I know the box is short of connections, because the last OpenReach engineer that came around, told me so. It looks like they're hopping connections in the box, and some poor soul gets the short end of the stick... rather than fixing the problem. Well, it looks like it's my turn again.

I've kicked off another ticket, and OpenReach want to repeat the whole process, which is that I have to take a day off work, an engineer comes around, removes the face plate, sticks their handset in, dials the "Quiet Line" test, waits patiently until they hear the noise, and then wander around to the cabinet to start swapping pairs.

Now... on top of this, there are plans for new houses in my village; a considerable number... so OpenReach are going to have to get their finger out at some point anyway. But the whole system seems geared up to isolate customers from each other and so no one can build up a true picture of how bad things are in the village. A cynic would opine that OpenReach are trying to make life such a pain for broadband customers, that they switch to fibre... but the speeds are the same as I'm getting now.

I'm sick of this and seem to have no way to escalate this dumb situation. Rather than spend money and sorting the problem out once and for all, we have to go through this stupid dance... and I need to know what I can do about it, because everything seems geared up to stop complaints. Even Ofcom don't want to get involved and my MP seems to have done nothing, either. I'm stuck in hell with, apparently, no way out.

...well, other than to switch totally to mobile networks, which is what I do when the power goes out anyway.

(note - i have the most "interleaved" line in history. It's been turned, "on," by engineers from Eclipse, and now PlusNet, that I lost count when it went in to double digits.)

Any ideas anyone?

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Re: Taking complaints furtuer

The reason they would want you to go to fibre is MONEY, they don't care about your speed!

I am 4.5Kms from the exchange, sounds similar to you, I have ongoing REIN but nobody cares.

Have you thought about satellite ? are there any of these church spire people in your area ?

They may not be so expensive after you get rid of the line rent and inconvenience of Pnet/BT/OR Smiley

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Re: Taking complaints furtuer

Our neighbours took up the subsidised satellite offering available to remote users in Aberdeenshire.  Short answer it's [-Censored-].  They find that a so-called 10meg satellite service performs significantly worse than their normal DSL which is around 4meg.  On top of that it's unreliable.  So they've ended up retaining their DSL and will ditch the satellite when it's 12 month contract is up.