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I have a new tablet...the intention is to use it occasionally outdoors but without signing up to an additional internet contract/provider on cost grounds. I'm using it in my home so it obviously connects to PlusNet via the router and wireless connection I have here but I was thinking of using it on buses, trains and hotels/cafes where free Wi-Fi is now being offered but lying in bed last night I suddenly thought...


I won't be able to because I need to have an internet connection in the first place to search for the internet link being offered by the bus/train/café or hotel. Or can I search for the information and start using it. If not I will be disappointed and cannot do a thing about it. It was the attraction of buying it in the first place.

Though I am still enjoying using it even if I have to stay home. I can always take photo's with it at least.




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Re: Tablet...Issues.

Accessing wireless is the same procedure, whether it is your router access point (AP) or the access point on the bus etc....

The tablet will display the SSID of APs in range for you to select. Internet access occurs after connecting to the AP.


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Re: Tablet...Issues.


You don't need to have an internet connection to search for one. Deoending on the operating system, you will need to go to your WiFi setting, and search for a connection from there. Once connected to a new WifI source, your tablet should remember it the next time you use the service.

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Re: Tablet...Issues.

You should be able to use (most) public wifi connections from your tablet. You just need to turn on your wifi and look at the list of available networks -in your wifi settings- usually it will be obvious which one to try. Usually the system will let you connect but then won't let you access the wider internet until you accept the terms and conditions and maybe create an account. As long as you can enter text on your device it should work -- the wifi on buses etc. is presumably designed to be used from tablets and phones more than laptops. Just be aware that the connection may not be very secure -- I wouldn't use it for online banking, for example!