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TV apps don’t work

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TV apps don’t work

My broadband was activated tonight and I’ve connected it all up. YouTube works perfectly however when trying to load a programme on All4 or BBC iPlayer, I’m given the adverts but the programmes don’t load. I’ve then tested with my phones 4G by tethering and the programmes loaded. How can I fix this please? We only use TV apps so very frustrating that we can still only watch using our phones 4G. Thanks!
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Re: TV apps don’t work

Is the device you are using a "smart" TV (with apps for the TV services)?


Who was the previous broadband service with?


Has anything else changed (position of router etc.)?


Is the connection to the viewing device wireless or wired? If wireless can you try a wired connection?


If you use a compluter connected by a wire to the router how fast does a speed test show the connection as? How does this compare to previous connection speeds?


I'm wondering about a slow connection for some reason.



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Re: TV apps don’t work


Have you tried switching the Plusnet Hub off at the mains, waiting a minute or so, and re-powering it, since your broadband became activated?

A reboot often solves a lot of niggly problems.


Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: TV apps don’t work

Hey there @Ashleighjane94 did you manage to get this sorted at all?

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