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TG585 v8 router fault

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TG585 v8 router fault

My TG585 router has been intermittently faulty recently. Sometimes the Wi-Fi doesn't work, other times it's the Ethernet. A cold start usually sorts it out. I've put the previous router (a TG582n) back into service and all seems OK, at least for now. It appears I have a dodgy router so how do I go about getting a new one please?
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Re: TG585 v8 router fault

The 582n is a newer router than the 585, and was something we sent after the 585. As the 585 is nearly 5 years old, it's well outside the warranty period now. It's probably worth giving our customer options team a call to see what they can sort out for you and they might be able to arrange a new deal at the same time - 0800 013 2632
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