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TG582n and network sharing with builtin USB

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TG582n and network sharing with builtin USB

I read in the user guide the following:
The Technicolor Gateway allows you to share the content stored on your USB storage device with other users on your
network or even access this shared content from the Internet.
? The Technicolor Gateway supports USB 2.0
? The following file systems are supported:
? NTFS (optional)
? FAT32
? FAT16
? HFS+ (optional)
? EXT2/EXT3 (optional)
? You can connect up to five USB storage devices (via a USB hub).
? Each USB storage device can have up to 10 partitions. If your device has more partitions the extra partitions will be

What means optional for NTFS ?  My drive is NTFS formatted and does not work ?    How can I enable NTFS support ?
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Re: TG582n and network sharing with builtin USB

Basically, you can't use an NTFS formatted USB drive. Embarrassed
It's optional in as much as ISP's may be able to include it in their supplied configurations. But AFAIK none ever have, which may be because Technicolor haven't actually got proper NTFS support yet.