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T-Link TD-W8970

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T-Link TD-W8970

Thought it was time to change my trusty Vigor 2710n so went for the T-Link TD-W8970 what a big mistake. Sync speed was nearly 2meg down. Perhaps there should be a list of routers and how well the sync as there is obviously a big difference.
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Re: T-Link TD-W8970

Hi George
I think there is a lot of different variables involved with how good the sync of a particular router would be, such as the make of exchange equipment, length of line and such like.  For your line the vigor syncs at a higher speed, for another line the TP-Link might sync at a higher speed.
Saying that, some routers are rubbish on any line!  Personally I've found the TP-Link gear to be pretty good, but I haven't used that particular model myself.