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System Authentication Failed - DG834G

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System Authentication Failed - DG834G

I rebooted the router (it had resynced during the night to just under the threashold to get a 4500 profile Sad ). It synced even slower so I waited a few minutes and rebooted again and now when I try to login to the router's home page I get the above message with the added : Another Administrator on-line.
The laptop has been off for days and my wife's PC has been off since aboyt 1am.
I have had this before but only when I have logged in via another PC. Then again, I've had the router's home page opened on all three machines at the same time before without any issues.
I wondered whether it may have something to do with FF's cache so opened up IE and still the same message.
I could reboot the PC or the router at source but, before I do, does anyone know why this happens.?

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Re: System Authentication Failed - DG834G

I had the same thing happen with a netgear, I ended up just rebooting both PC and router, It was a pain.
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