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Sync lost ever 4 minutes

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Sync lost ever 4 minutes

My ADSL2 line has now been reliable for about a year. Over the last few days, when the connection has dropped, I checked the S/N ratio using Routerstats Lite and can see that the S/N ratio drops from 3db to 0db for a few seconds every 4 minutes. Looking at the graph the period between the drops is very repeatable. After about 30 seconds, the modem recovers and broadband works for the next 3 1/2 minutes.
Swapping out the Netgear DG834V4 for a DG834PN makes no difference to the result.
The question is:- can anyone think what could cause a spike of interference every 4 or so minutes in a regular pattern?
I have seen noisy lines + fluctuating S/N ratios in the past, but never a regular and repeatable sequence of signal drops.
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Sync lost ever 4 minutes

Hi there,
I can see that you've basically not been able to use the internet over the past couple of days;
<img src=""/>
Are you connected to your test socket and tired an alternative micro-filter?