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Switching to Fibre / Cost

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Switching to Fibre / Cost



I'm planning to do a product switch to Fibre but I'm unsure about the new cost. On my current deal, I have a 12 month contract where I received a deal for free broadband (line rental only) for the duration of the contract. If I upgraded to Fibre - will I lose the £9.99 discount I'm currently getting per month?


I would have liked to have talked this through on the phone with an adviser but after 30 minutes wait I decided to end the call.


Help would be appreciated.



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Re: Switching to Fibre / Cost

Welcome to the forums. Smiley

I think the automated systems would likely cause your current discount to be lost. For the change you require the best option is to speak to the Customer Options Team whose direct number is 0800 013 2632; you need to select the "thinking of leaving" option (don't let the name worry you).

Generally waiting times to speak to the COT are much shorter than calls to Customer Services. It's worth giving it a try.