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Switching from TalkTalk to Plusnet

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Switching from TalkTalk to Plusnet

So I'm switching my mum's telephone and internet to Plusnet from TalkTalk after their price rises.
Plusnet didn't ask for a MAC code - and was told that it wasn't needed due to switching from an LLU provider to a non-LLU provider and this wouldn't be needed?
When I tried to communicate to TT (on behalf of my mum) the representative hung up when I asked for my MAC code - has anyone had any experience of getting a MAC code of them or advise them that I'm leaving?
Would TT charge a cessation fee?
Hopefully my mum can keep her number which she's had for at least 40 years!
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Re: Switching from TalkTalk to Plusnet

I am switching an account from Talktalk to PN ( due to the pending price rise ), as you have said no MAC required , so no need to ask them for it.
If you are switching due to price rise (i don't think there one when switching anyway), there should be no cancellation ( from prise rise email "If you'd like to change or cancel your package without charge get in touch with us within 30 days and we'll be happy to help you. " )

You should be able to keep your number if you were not able to, you would have told you at the PN sign up journey.
The account i am moving has to have a new number, due to the number been provided by talktalk originally , which is not the case in your situation.