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Switching from BT Fibre to Plusnet Broadband

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Switching from BT Fibre to Plusnet Broadband

I'm downgrading from BT Fibre (FTTP) to PlusNet Broadband as PlusNet Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) isn't yet available in my area. My phone line and broadband were due to switch yesterday, but the BT Fibre connection seems to still be active (blue light on the BT Hub, and connection to my PC/WiFi still working), and seems to interfere with the PlusNet Broadband connection, stopping it from working.

Is BT Fibre broadband something that has to be cancelled separately, as I've had an email from BT to confirm that my phone line was switching yesterday (16th)...

What will happen to my broadband?

As you're moving your phone line, your broadband (and any other services that use it) will stop. If you have a bill due on or around the date your phone line is moving, you might still get it. If there are any final charges you need to pay, we'll send a separate bill for those.


...but nothing that specifically mentions the Fibre Broadband? Do BT have to do anything to stop the Fibre connection, or do I just need to unplug the Fibre Modem and BT Hub?


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Re: Switching from BT Fibre to Plusnet Broadband


I would address this question to BT else you may still be billed by them.

FTTP and the telephone cable used by Plusnet are separate services to your home coming in through copper cable on one hand and fibre optic the other.

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Re: Switching from BT Fibre to Plusnet Broadband

Hi @hutchy,


As advised by @Baldrick1, I would call your previous provider to make sure your broadband is cancelled to make sure you do not get billed by them.

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