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Switch kills my internet FIXED please delete

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Switch kills my internet FIXED please delete

Cant see how to delete posts but its all fixed, it was my Google drive syncing killing my connection, still doesn't explain why wifi crashed but pausing and resuming it recreated the problem.
I have just bought a network switch, HP 1405-G 8 port gigabit switch. (J979A)
If I plug it into my router (the new hub zero) everything works fine. But as soon as I then add my Xbox and/or PC, and then use the internet on the PC/xbox, my internet connects half or stops altogether, even over WiFi.
I've even tried a BT hub 3, the same thing happens. I'm no expert but could it be an ip address thing? Is there a setting I might need to change on my router?
If i plug everything directly into my router, all is good!
I'm totally baffled by it.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Switch kills my internet FIXED please delete

Hi jrilton,
Mind letting us know what fixed it as that could be helpful to other Community users.
We won't judge if it was something straightforward that you missed.
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 Adam Walker
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