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Suddenly no internet, again

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Suddenly no internet, again

Happened once mid-July for almost an entire week, now again, no internet at all!!

Supposedly "fixed", now we are stranded again without broadband connection at all! Why are people so incompetent without any realisation of the situation! Paid to do 1 job and they somehow manage to fail at it miserably and repetitively!
Since Covid-19 our work and pretty much daily life is internet dependent. How damn hard is it maintain briadband connection?? What if as s customer one day I decided to start not paying? Would Plusnet be ok with that? Then why the f**k doesn't Plusnet make sure to provide the services they are supposed to in the same way their customers are promptly paying for them.

Plusnet is a bunch of incompetent idiots and scam artists thats all I had to say.
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Re: Suddenly no internet, again

Welcome to the forums @charistset . With respect, you are jumping to conclusions by blaming Plusnet - the fault more than likely will be in the BT infrastructure, which PN have no control over.

I would suggest you check out the suggestions in this topic:, and in addition do a 'quiet line test' - dial 17070, option 2 from a landline phone and make sure there is no noise on the line - if there is, report a phone fault first, your broadband will not function correctly if there is aphone fault.

These problems can occur at any time, even if one is 'fixed'. there is no guarantee that it for ever.