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Sudden drop in speed and horrendous ping

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Sudden drop in speed and horrendous ping

Moved to Plusnet from BT about a month and a half ago. At first everything was about as good as it can get in my area, had about 37mbps download, 4-6mbps upload, and if I ran a ping test on netmeter my ping would be extremely stable and had barely any variance, it would only go between 22ms - 24ms. However, ever since maybe a month ago, it's just gradually deteriorated and at this point is occasionally completely unusable. My ping stopped being stable and would start spiking very minorly but nearly every second. You may think this wouldn't affect me that badly, but for games like CSGO which is the game I play the most, having stable ping is really important for the game to run smoothly, the best way I can describe what it's like is like having maybe 3% packet loss all the time, it's not unplayable but it just feels sluggish and off. This was usually just an 'off' period though, it'd usually resolve itself in a short amount of time. At this point though my internet being in this state is what I'd consider to be good, and a blessed relief to the absolute [-Censored-]pit it sometimes becomes. Now my download speeds are a mere 3 - 4mbps, upload speed is unaffected, and ping is extremely unreliable and makes playing games frustrating. My ping will still spike from maybe 22ms to 40ms every second, but now say every 30 seconds it'll spike up to 150ms - and that's when it's in a good state. When it's in a bad state it'll be consistently at 400 - 800ms, which of course makes games entirely unplayable. What happened? The reason I moved from BT was because of poor ping performance, but this is 10x worse than what I was experiencing before. 

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Re: Sudden drop in speed and horrendous ping

@_charliesutton Welcome to the forums.

Things to do first - Check your phoneline for noise -dial 17070 from a (preferably corded) phone -after the confirmation of your number, the only sound you should hear is the repeated 'quiet line test' message - ANY other noise, report a phone fault via: If the line test is quiet, then report a broadband issue here:

If the result of the reports is 'no fault found', come back for further advice.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Sudden drop in speed and horrendous ping

Hiya @_charliesutton


I am sorry to hear you are having an issue with your connection and I know how frustrating this can be from when it has happened to me. 


I really would like to look into this for you, please can you PM me your account username? 



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