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Speeds degrading over time

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Speeds degrading over time


I don't retain speed test data for too long, but do regular speed tests every 12 hours from my router. In the few years I've been living here, intermittent connection drops asideI've noticed a steady drop in speed. See my latest speed test data as an example:

* Late August this year I was hitting about 40mbps down and 13 mbps up on average.

* Late September, this dropped to about 32 down.

* Late October, this dropped further to about 18 down & 7 up.

* Nov 2nd - 8th it increased slightly to 25 up & 10 down, then after a brief cut out it fell back down to about 20 up & 5.5 down

* Since Nov 16th it has dropped further to 13 down and 5.4 up.

Regardless of numbers, it's now noticeably affecting the household's internet connection performance - browsing (sometimes), gaming, and streaming has been noticeably laggier & it's affecting my job working from home.

Throughout this time, my hardware hasn't changed (Dreytek vigor 130 modem into Unifi USG). We've not added any new major devices, made any network configuration changes, or started just permanently downloading or anything.

FWIW I did see a BT van pull on our street for some investigation work a couple of days ago, a really lovely guy who was investigating connection issues in the street possibly caused by a neighbour's fence, where he did some work and left. The final drop in speeds roughly coincides with this, but I can't confirm it's a cause at all.

Is there something happening on our street, am I being throttled for some reason, or is something on my end somehow causing this degradation?



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Re: Speeds degrading over time

@Nessworthy, I'd call Plusnet in the morning and report a possible fault, you could also attach your routers statistics for someone else to pick up tomorrow. 

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Re: Speeds degrading over time


Looking at the graph an external network event has caused the drop in sync speed.

You could try using the automated reporting system to report a fault

See: - or using this link 

I doubt the fault will go away without some intervention from plusnet support or their suppliers.

Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Speeds degrading over time


Hi @Nessworthy 

I've tested your line and found a external fault which is most likely the cause of this.

It's been raised to Openreach for investigation and as soon as we know more we'll be in touch

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Re: Speeds degrading over time

Thanks for the fast responses!

A BT engineer stopped by this morning and confirmed a fault between the house and the first terminal on the street. He also replaced the DSL filter box.

Has the plusnet site changed recently? I've been trying to look up my DSL connection information but I can no longer find it on my account on