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Speed very slow most of the time.

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Speed very slow most of the time.

My speeds seems to vary greatly. For a few minutes it will run fine (at about 11 Mbps when tested) and then slow right down for quite a long time (several hours). This happens with both wireless  and ethernet  connection. My last BT speed test gave 0.42 Mbps download and 0.3 Mbps  upload with a ping latency 1698 ms. I had changed the filter and connected to the test socket. Router is PN hub zero which is about 6 months old. I disconnected the router for about an hour whilst I changed filter but this was well after the problems started . The internet and eth1 lights are flashing very quickly all the time whilst speed is slow. 

I phoned support who tested the line and could find no problem. It was suggested that I changed WiFi channel but the problem persists with an ethernet connection. It was also suggested that as I had disconnected the router this had caused the speed drop but this was done after the speed dropping. The only suggestion was to leave it for 72 hours for it to stabilise.

I would be grateful for any suggestions however I must point out I have little technical competence. I have an old PN router and wonder if it was trying it although support said no.


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Re: Speed very slow most of the time.


Hi @salmo


We're seeing you in sync at 14mb/s here, but appreciate that this is variable at your side.


If connecting your router to the test socket of your premises doesn't improve matters, I'd raise a fault so that we can ask our suppliers to take a look at this for you.


Best wishes