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Speed lower than expected/paid for

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Speed lower than expected/paid for

Currently paying for >60Mb/s VDSL, but getting ~20-22Mb/s - website says this -



Minimum Guaranteed Speed: 63.1Mbps
Current Line Speed (Download): 22.8Mbps


Is this a measure related to coronavirus, or is my speed being artificially capped?

Extra Information, as requested in the sticky -
* I've turned the router off and on again, no change
* Tests are always run using a wired connection direct to the hub
* Router Stats/Helpdesk section information:


4. Board version:	Plusnet Hub One
5. DSL uptime:	0 days, 00:10:27
6. Data rate:	9995 / 59151
7. Maximum data rate:	14335 / 68607
8. Noise margin:	9.1 / 6.1
9. Line attenuation:	20.1 / 14.1
10. Signal attenuation:	20.3 / 14.1


* BT Wholesale Performance test reports 20.01 Down, 9.34 up

* and confirm this (21 and 20.4 respectively)

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Re: Speed lower than expected/paid for



You need to also understand the 50 to 1 contention which mean that up to 50 other customers are using your broadband. With so many people working at home I suspect the use will be high. 


When you are in the work place the links will be 1 to 1 thus you do not see contention. 


Kind regards




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Re: Speed lower than expected/paid for

Hi @c-to-the-I


Sorry to hear this. If you would like to send a message with your account username, we'd be happy to run some checks.


If you haven't already done so, I would first advise having a run through our troubleshooting steps here and getting your router connected into the test socket for the time being as shown here.


Let us know how you get on!



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 Katie C
 Plusnet Help Team