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Speed issues BT (PlusNet) exchange kit VS TalkTalk

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Registered: a week ago

Speed issues BT (PlusNet) exchange kit VS TalkTalk

Since joining PlusNet my internet connection speed has been consistently slow with periods with no connection.  Going back 2 suppliers, BT, I had the same problem, so I left them for TalkTalk.  For several years TalkTalk service was good, much faster than BT with no congestion problems at peak times as with BT.  I left TalkTalk because their service failed consistently for long periods between 07:00 and 08:00 every day.  So I am now back on BT kit with their old overload problems.

I run RouterSats which gives a line down connection speed of 3648kbps.  This is rock solid.

I also ping my own domain every second and log the delay where the round trip is +- 10% of the average.  This often times out.