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Speed improvements.

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Speed improvements.

I was previously with Madasafish(now Plusnet in disguise!) for years and migrated to Plusnet on 1st August.
My exchange (fairly rural 3.5km away) is recently (July) ADSL2+ enabled and I was transferred to this whilst with MAAF. In spite of that my download never increased above approx. 3.5 Mb/s, upload around 0.7Mb/s.
After the transfer and during the "training" period with PN my speeds improved to approx. 4Mb/s and 0.8Mb/s with a stable connection throughout. Until -
On the 12th I lost the b/b connection and re-booted the router. Since then my speeds have again improved to 4.5 - 5.0Mb/s and 0.7 - 0.9Mb/s and totally stable for the last 6 days.  Smiley
Now, I'm obviously not complaining, just stating what has happened. What could explain these increases? Am I likely to experience a drop? My connection does seem to be stable. Why might the speed during the "training" period suddenly have improved after the disconnection?
As mentioned, I'm far from having a moan, just the opposite. I'm just curious about this sudden improvement. Smiley Hopefully, barring any unforeseen changes, I'm now achieving what I should with regards consistent speeds.
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Re: Speed improvements.

Hi there,
I can only guess that the router has resynced at a higher speed though if nothing's changed then it's hard to guess why - did you unplug any phones or change any filters or anything? If not that then possibly some works were done somewhere on the line, but I'd guess at a change to the network somewhere along the line.
Either way, great news and glad you're happy - thanks very much Smiley