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Speed has decreased

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Speed has decreased

I've been with Plusnet for a while now and since fixing some prior issues I've had our broadband sat at a good constant download speed for months.  Which is bliss when compared to what we were getting from other ISP's and prior to the problems being fixed.
However we recently came back from a two week holiday and I have noticed a sharp reduction in download speed.  I would usually get around 600-700KB/s when downloading a torrent, now I get 100-200 and for some strange reason my upload speed jumps to about 100KB/s, which is strange considering I've never really seen it go any higher then 50.
While we were away there was someone within the house still, making use of the internet no doubt.  However the usage probably was not as heavy, which leads me to believe that I need a simple reset on the line to ramp up the download speed again.
Could someone please check the line statistics or whatever and see if they can spot any potential reason for the reduced speed?  If it does need a reset can I please have one.
Thank you very much, James.
TLDR: Might need a reset on my line, can someone check please.
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Re: Speed has decreased

Hey drenai,
I've reset your connection so if you reboot in an hour or so you should see the speeds start to increase.