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Speed drop from 6mb DL to 1MB maximum (nearly three weeks now)

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Speed drop from 6mb DL to 1MB maximum (nearly three weeks now)

So, almost three weeks ago my broadband speed dropped through the floor from 6mb average to anywhere between 0.3 to 2mb (usually hovers around 1mb maximum 80% of the time) . Incidentally upload speeds remain unchanged at around 1.2mb



Interestingly enough, other people in my area (with BT and Plusnet) are complaining of exactly the same issue and it literally started happening overnight. 88


I contacted Plusnet who tried to help best they could, they informed me that they were showing speeds of 7mb to my property, my router was verifying that number but was also reporting a huge number of errored packets (thousands!) which indicates a noisy line or network issue perhaps? So, bottom line is that Plusnet support didn't acknowledge those packet errors and suggested I bought new router etc which was interesting as my router is quite new and is working a treat (tested elsewhere). Others in my area have been getting the run around with BT passing the buck to Openreach etc etc so here we all are, with Broadband back to 2007 speed levels and no one taking responsibility. Question is, surely Plusnet must take some responsibility as they are taking my money every month yet and offering a shocking service.


My patience is wearing thin and Gigaclear with there super fast BB service is getting more tempting by the day!


Also, award winning customer call centre my [-Censored-], I was hanging on for twenty minutes before being passed to tech support complete with another fifteen minute wait. 

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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Speed drop from 6mb DL to 1MB maximum (nearly three weeks now)

Hi there, 


I've run both a full set of connection and line diagnostics and they don't highlight any problems. 


Assuming that you've noticed the reduced speeds on WiFi devices I definitely recommend following the advice here as your next step:

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 Adam Walker
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