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Speed change on contract.

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Speed change on contract.

So I have been with Plusnet for years. I was out of contract about 18 months ago and renewed. I am again now out of contract but when I check my my current contract the speeds offered and the min guaranteed speed has been dropped without letting me know previously. So not only am I paying the out of contact price Im also now getting less perforce - way to go Plusnet!!


when I resigned 18 months ago it was on: (estimated at peak times)

Download 52-68Mb

Upload 17-18Mb

Min Guaranteed 47,8Mb


Now I am on:

  • Product: Unlimited Fibre Extra
  • Estimated Download Range: 44 - 50Mbps
  • Estimated Upload Range: 16 - 18Mbps
  • Minimum Guaranteed Speed: 40.1Mbps


Anyone else have any experience of this? I read the post about changing the way speeds were reported in contracts and contract offers but this seems a bit [-Censored-] when I am now getting less performance promised and real actual speeds have dropped too. Thanks.

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Re: Speed change on contract.


With more people working from home there is more data being transmitted on the local telecom wiring, this introduces crosstalk between lines, which reduces speeds. This is not Plusnet slowing your speed, it’s because of the way FTTC works and it affects all users.

These figures are simply Openreach estimates and does not affect your actual speed, which is tuned to give you the best speed that your line will support.

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