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Speed change on contract Renewal

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Speed change on contract Renewal

Hi  I used plusnet for many years and previously had unlimited fibre extra extra with download speeds averaging 65mb - 70mb.

Since renewing my contract for the same service the speeds have significantly dropped, now averaging 40mb - 45mb. Its almost like I`m paying for unlimited fibre extra but being provided with unlimited fibre speeds.

Please could someone help and resolve this issue.


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Re: Speed change on contract Renewal

@skippy1 Just in case it is coincidental - very likely, can you report the result of following the below?

For Community members to be able to help, information from these two sites, as screenshots, posted as pictures within the topic, not as attachments:-

BT Broadband(obscuring your phone number) and BTW Performance Tester - Over a wired (ethernet) connection if at all possible, please report the 'ADDITIONAL DIAGNOSTICS', and sight of the broadband connection status from your Hub (with the 'Username' obscured) would be a good starting point.

For the Hub One -

Navigate from the Home Screen to Troubleshooting > Helpdesk

For the Hub Two -

Navigate from the Home Screen to Advanced Settings > Technical Log > Information

It may also be a good idea to report the results of a Quiet Line Test - dial 17070 option 2 from a (preferably corded) phone. After the confirmation of your phone number, there should be total silence apart from the regular 'Quiet Line Test' announcement. Any other noise - report a PHONE fault first.


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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Speed change on contract Renewal

Hey there @skippy1,

I'm really sorry to hear that the speeds have gone down recently. I've had a look over the account and settings-wise everything is still the same, so it's unlikely the contract renewal had anything to do with this. Have you had a chance to carry out any of the diagnostic checks that @jab1 suggested above?

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