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Some web pages slow to download and some not rendering properly.

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Some web pages slow to download and some not rendering properly.

Sharing an experience here.  I've had a problem with slow web page downloads, incomplete web page rendering and some refusing to load at all (BBC website, as an example).  It would take 10, 20, 30 (etc.) seconds to 'connect', then you could see the images actually being downloaded, as if you're on a 56k modem!  I tried a couple of different browsers, disabled plugins, disabled virus scanner and other email/webpage protection stuff.  Scanned for malware, switched off SafeGuard, tested on other devices, switched router off and on....still no joy.  Contacted PlusNet (online) and they mentioned a few of the above but really wasn't very thorough on the troubleshooting, instead saying I should raise a ticket.  Try to raise a ticket, and am promptly asked to try some trouble shooting (dial tone on phone etc.).  Got to a point where they were asking me to try another router (which I guess is fair enough), but I don't have spares kicking about the place.  The only option remaining was an engineer call out (BT) but then the onus is placed on me to pick up any bills if it was found to be equipment issues Sad  So, I don't want an engineer out (as I'm not convinced there is a fault on the line) but no other help offered by PlusNet.  Great!  Completely stuck!  I scan the forums for solutions and notice a few people have the same problem.  Lots of advice from the community, which is great but a lot to delve into.  I noticed someone suggested factory resetting the router, so I thought I'd give that a go.  BINGO - everything is once again working brilliantly in the land of surfing!  This is something that perhaps the customer service people should probably suggest as it wasn't very difficult to do.
Thanks for listening.  I hope it helps others out.
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Re: Some web pages slow to download and some not rendering properly.

A warm welcome to the forums.  I suspect that your problem was similar to this one... ?
Quote from: davidhgerrard
My current situation is as follows:
Certain sites work perfectly (for instance, I can stream Youtube 1080p no problem, which is one of the biggest bandwidth hogs there is.)
However, I cannot load BBC iPlayer, Netflix, or any apps that require authentication (CityMapper, for instance, will not provide any results.)  I have tested these over the 4G on my phone, and they all work perfectly.

Whilst the factory reset of the router was the last action which 'fixed' this, there were other things done on the user's account as well.  A factory reset alone is not always the complete remedy for this problem.
The feedback that other threads were helpful is though heartening.  Smiley